At Wellers Hill Dental Centre we are aware that many people wear full or partial dentures, and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone who has the skills needed to make these both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!

Dentures are essentially false teeth which can be used to replace one or several missing teeth. They can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth, so virtually no one will know you have them.

With dentures you can recapture the health and appearance of your smile after tooth loss. We make dentures that can dramatically improve chewing ability and speech while providing support for facial muscles.

Our visiting Prosthetist, Peter Anastasia, is highly regarded and has helped many of our patients, as well as patients from across Brisbane and further afield to smile again with his fantastic work!

Peter is able to also work along with Dr Nick Baveas to give our patients the options of Implant Retained Dentures in certain cases as well.