Teeth Whitening

Everyday things such as tea, coffee, the occasional red wine, all contribute to staining over time – at Wellers Hill Dental Centre we use the latest technology  with Opalescence Teeth Whitening systems for safe and effective teeth whitening!

We recommend booking a check-up and professional clean before teeth whitening, this will ensure you get the best result as your teeth and gums will be clean, healthy, and free of external staining, as well as giving you a chance to discuss the best whitening method for you!

We offer express whitening (Opalescence GO!) for those who do not have the time to have either in-chair or custom trays made, in-chair (Opalescence Boost 40) whitening with our lovely dental professionals, as well as take home (Opalescence PF). One of our friendly dentists will be able to assess your individual circumstances and expectations and advise you of the best option for you!

When should you whiten your teeth? Whitening is a cosmetic treatment, and therefore is totally up to the individual person as to whether it is a treatment they would like or not. We find most people like to whiten their teeth prior to an event such as their wedding, or as part of their freshening up for summer routine. Others may like to whiten their teeth as the colour is affecting their confidence to smile socially or at work. Regardless of the reason, for many people teeth whitening is a highly effective, affordable and non-invasive treatment that brightens smiles and boosts confidence!

Why do we recommend dental-grade teeth whitening?
Most toothpastes that advertise whitening may end up simply being an expensive way to achieve a minor and short-lasting result, or worse yet, they may actually damage the teeth by stripping the enamel due to their abrasive nature. By having your teeth assessed by one of our dental professionals, you can have the confidence that the best whitening process is chosen for your teeth, and we set realistic expectations of what level of whiteness you are likely to achieve.

By choosing to have your teeth professionally whitened, your dentist can also advise you as to whether your teeth are suitable for whitening – teeth with cavities can cause problems for whitening! We’re here to guide you through your options and ensure safe, effective treatment for you!

If you choose to go ahead with the in-chair whitening, we are happy to announce that Ultradent Opalescence uses advanced technology which no more uncomfortable, hot lights or lasers to whiten your teeth, simply sit back, relax and let the magic happen! We also supply you with take home trays so you can ‘top up’ the whitening in 6-12 months if you desire!